Getting just under $400. So I've decided to uprgrade my Lager. I only paid $150 for the bike anyway so I figured that was a good buy.

What I'm looking at getting is: Sugino Messangers+BB, 28c Soma Everwears, GR-9's, MKS Steell clips, Pake Space straps, a couple of different size freewheels, and some other misc stuff like bar tape and maybe a new chain.

I figure nearly everything can be swapped to a new frame when the time comes and I hope to get new wheels in late spring or during the summer. But if any of this is not worth buying or wont fit my Lager please tell. And though I don't really mind the crankset I have now, its a four hole pattern so I have almost no choices at changing the chainring if I wanted to.

Any thoughts are welcome and If you want to tell whay you're doing with your return, have at it.