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    Online Pedal History Museum

    I thought this was very cool.

    "The following photographic bicycle pedal museum & historical time line is meant to serve as a window into the rich and dynamic history of the bicycle pedal. Each pedal design is an inventor's dream of improving on prior designs. Some of these innovations offered modest improvements over earlier designs while others provided major advances. Some designs were simply novel.

    Many of the designs included represent the cutting edge of the technology of their era. Some pedals were commercial successes whose use spanned decades before they were made obsolete. Others, for a variety of reasons, disappeared from the market soon after they appeared.

    None of the pedals pictured are still produced today. All of the designs, however, played some role in the development of modern pedal design and their place in pedal history deserves recognition. Here is their story . . . "

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    looks like look was always looking in the right direction
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