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    chainline and crank problems

    Hi , I have an old 1984 SANNINO italian road bike and i'm gonna FIX em' up.
    I just don't know what crank and BB spindle length to buy...
    I have 126 mm spacing on the rear and got wheels with spaced formula hub 126 mm.
    my BB shel is like most Italian - 70 mm. what BB spindle length do i need to get normal chainline and what track cranck set will fit there?

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    With the Formula hubs, you're going to want a 42mm chainline. It's not going to be easy to do that with an Italian bottom bracket. There are some cranksets around that can give you a 42 mm chainline with a 68x103mm bottom bracket. I'm not sure how that translates into trying to find a spindle for your 70mm bottom bracket. It certainly doesn't sound easy.

    If you're willing to respace and redish the rear wheel (giving up flip-flop capabilities), you could probably make something work. Just get the shortest spindle you can find and then respace+redish the wheel to match it.

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