I have a Peugeot frame, Iím not sure what year the SN(1911774), with a flip flop, poopy horizon handle bars and a Japanese headset that doesnít fit my old French frame. I got the frame and put the ff on it, it was my first fixie and it was just to satisfy my interest in going fixed. Well I like it a lot to say the least and Iím looking to upgrade to a new, for lack of a better word "better" bike, I just have the fear something on the frame is going to snap one day soon. But Iím still a newbie and I donít really know much about bikes (even less about fixies), I just need someone with more knowledge to help me out so I can get my moneyís worth and ride the bike I get for a few years. Iím going to be pretty hard on it, attempting to learn tricks and such also make me nervous about my bikes reliability or at least my frameís.
Thank you