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Thread: cheap suzue hub

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    cheap suzue hub

    i built my first fixie with a cheap suzue hub this week. i finally got everything together today and took it out for a test ride up the block. i heard weird clicking and i stopped to check it out. blue/green goop was leaking out of the hub. the axle was loose within the hub and the bearing cover was off. is this completely unrepairable? am i going to have to buy another hub and rebuild the wheel? does anybody know what i'm talking about?

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    It sounds like your cones are loose. This is no big deal but you should not ride on it. If you do not have the tools for this job, take it down to your LBS and have them repack the bearings and tighten the axel. The original greese in those hubs is crap and should be replaced anyway. If you want to do it yourself (I would recomend this) go buy a set of cone wrenches and pull the hub apart and repack your self.

    Let us know if you need further help for this project.

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