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    Ahhh let me chill in the fixt forum

    As you know the TDF is beginning full swing. The road bike forum is so full I can't hardly keep up with it. You know, "how much does this bike weigh?", "what do they eat and drink?", "how do you take a wiz?" I race road bikes and absolutly love it, but my first 'real' bike out side of the child hood Huffy was a fixie. That's what I learnt to ride on, a Panasonic track bike. Anyway that was years ago and untill receintly I now again just put together a sweet fixt ride and so thats what I am all about at the moment. Hell with the roadie, lycra, carbon, weight weenie ****e I'm diggin me fixt for long rides to the pub and back. I've got my skid back and the overall fluid motion like painting water colors on paper, the way the brakeless traffic moves. The cars, the kids, the streets, the way, all blends into one mix like movement that is crystal clear. Good night and thanks for listening...

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    omfg wut size cog r u running?

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