I'm looking for a super small frame to start building up for my girlfriend. She just had her KHS alite 500 stolen and neither of us can really afford to just outright buy her a new one at this current moment. There is a bike co-op both on my school's campus as well as a few blocks away so I have lots of good options for building. Unfortunately though I have no idea where I can find a frame that would fit her (most XS frames I've seen are still a smidgen too large). Shes 4'10-4'11ish and when we hit the LBS back in Pittsburgh she ended up getting the alite because it was one of the few bikes she could find with a low enough stand over height.

I'd go for a mountain bike again but I know its not really what she wanted (she really wants a road bike). So I ask, what super small frames do you know of that would make a good start?