Hey guys, new to the site and I love it. I've seen this question asked before, but wanted some opinions on my exact measurements. It's between a 59 or 62 Surly Steamroller. I've test ridden both in the store, and I'm sure both will work, but still can't decide which actually fits me correctly. I'm 6'2" and I've seen some 6'2" riders ride 62's and above, and some ride around 58-59's. And I've heard Surly's run a little bigger than most. Here are my measurements from the competitive cyclist sizing:

Inseam 36.25 in
Trunk 28.13 in
Forearm 14.25 in
Arm 29 in
Thigh 24.5 in
Lower Leg 23.13 in
Sternal Notch 62 in
Total Body Height 74 in (6'2")
The Competitive Fit:
Seat tube range c-c: 59.6-60.1
Seat tube range c-t: 61.5-62.0
Top tube length: 59.0-59.4

The Eddy Fit:
Seat tube range c-c: 60.8-61.3
Seat tube range c-t: 62.7-63.2
Top tube length: 59.0-59.4

The French Fit:
Seat tube range c-c: 62.5-63.0
Seat tube range c-t: 64.4-64.9
Top tube length: 60.2-60.6
The Steamroller frame sizes are:
59: seat tube length (c-t) 590mm.
59: top tube length (c-c) 587mm.
62: seat tube length (c-t) 620mm.
62: top tube length (c-c) 608mm.

For the 59 I'm worried that the seatpost may have to be too long, the seat to handlebar drop might be a lot, and I may feel scrunched in the cockpit. For the 62 I'm just worried it might be hard to control, or just overall feel too big, but maybe that's what fits? I feel like the 62 may be good for long distance road biking, and the 59 would be better for fixed riding. Or am I totally off?

My main question is does the 59 actually fit me? or do I need to go bigger?

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!