OK, for the last year i have commuted on an orange windsor clockwork.

for those of you unfamiliar with the clockwork, it came with a bunch of subpar parts (as i expected), so to achieve the proper fit, and level of comfort i wanted i changed out the following:

bars (compact drops installed)
stem (this was a fit issue)
seatpost (another fit issue, plus the stocker was crap)
saddle (duh)
wheelset (rolling on mavic cpx-22's - bombproof for the daily commute in nj)
pedals (eggbeaters - for ease of walkability to the office)

so essentially thats everything but the frame. it has the stock crankset, but i'm not in love with that.

over the winter while i'm not biking to work i would like to swap the nicer parts over to a new non-steel frame. ideally i would like a nice aluminum frameset. something speedy.

all i carry to work goes in my messanger bag, so no need for racks. i dont ride in the rain so no need for fenders.

basically what i'm asking is what alu track framesets are out there? i would put max frameset budget @ around 500.

how do we feel about alu frames with steel fork set-ups, i was considering this.

i want i bike that i love to ride, because my commute occupies so much of my time, i think i deserve an upgrade from teh windsor, which is essentially a tank, i want something lighter and more nimble.