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    2009 SE Draft Review

    Straightforward review.

    Ignore the watermarks. I took these today.

    - Inexpensive
    - Comes with reasonable ratio
    - Relaxed position (risers)
    - Quiet

    - Brakes are so-so
    - Can't be converted to fix using stock hub
    - Stiff ride
    - REALLY heavy

    Additional info:
    - 49cm has toe overlap.
    - Hub is not stepped.
    - Wheels are 700/28
    - Freewheel only
    - Decals under clearcoat

    This is a weird review. This is a weird one, since I have no idea who this bike's audience is. It's not for the "fixie" crowd, as its not fixed. It's heavy and the geometry is weird, so definitely not track people. But it's a decent bike for normal, not picky people, and is a step up from walmart bikes. You can lock it up without worry, scratch it or leave it in the rain without a cry, and its relatively safe with brakes.

    It's heavy when you lift it. 27 pounds is my guess. The Kilo TT is a feather by comparison. But once you start riding it doesn't make much of a difference.It's a good ratio too for climbing. You can put a basket or fenders if you want. Very good city bike if you add a few things. It can serve as a good "beater" for the people that can't always use their track bike everywhere. There's little to no maintenance involved (as with all ss/fg's).

    The parts are crap. It works though. Threadless stem, not that anyone buying it should invest in a new stem. Seat isn't too hard on the bum, but its not soft either. Wheels are generic weinmanns laced to single speed hubs. The fork can do "barspinnnzzz" on 700c wheels, that is if you don't have brakes.

    While I have mostly been negative, it's a good bike. Gets me from A-B without having to bring out a few locks. It can be had for 250 on sale, and I got it for 175 from Performance Bicycle. Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy this bike at any more than 200 or so. Chalk up for a bikes direct bike, it'll get you more. If you were thinking about a conversion, here's a better choice. If you need a A-B bike and your budget is low, this is for you. Do not buy it thinking upgrade. Once you get into upgrades you should have already bought a crmo bike already.

    This is my first review, so uh, I know it wasn't so great. But there you go, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    should be noted that it can't be converted to fixed with stock crankset 'cause they're 1 piece.
    Quote Originally Posted by andre nickatina View Post
    the guy must have been like holy ****? this kid on a fixie is killin it without engine motors.

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    I thought that was covered when he mentioned the hub won't accept a fixed setup.
    Quote Originally Posted by Geordi Laforge View Post
    the C&V forum sure is going to suck in 20 years.

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