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    Really nice track bikes with brake holes.

    so i'll preface by saying i'm not looking to buy a frame. this is merely speculation between a friend and i. we were trying to think of the nicest (read: most expensive, carbon-y, whatever) track bike that is available but still drilled (front and rear or front) for brakes. the best we could come up with is the EAI bare knuckle. anyone know of any others?

    and yes i know most bikes designed for the track do not have brake holes, i don't expect some sort of lengthy list to develop. frankly if i thought there were much of any at all i wouldn't be asking. i just figure there's gotta be a FEW, eh?

    edit: throwing in ones i find as i dig...
    torelli corsa pista: front n rear
    torelli pursuit: front
    bianchi super pista: front
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