I know this may be more suited for the bicycle mechanics forum, but this is where I lurk and my question does have a bit of a fixed gear spin to it...

For the past week my left pedal has been sort of sticking sometimes, catching and lifting my foot up as it remains stationary relative to the crank arm, usually for just one rotation before I get it back under control. I squirted a little lube in there and it quieted down, but started back up again on this morning's ride to school. Spinning up the bike lane, late for a final, I noticed it began to squeak a bit but thought nothing of it until I stopped to lock up my bike and heard some little pitter patter sounds. Looked down and my ****in' pedal is leaking bearings!
It seems like the bolt that holds the cone on the end had loosened up, but after looking at it it seems rusted in place. WTF?

Anyway, I'm obviously replacing the pedal, but I was curious to know if anything similar has happened to anyone. Is it possible that riding fixed is harder on pedals, with the constant spinning and harder downwards force when resisting to slow down and stop. When my pedal was catching, did just continuing to push it strip something?