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    Quick chainring bolt question

    So i took off the inner chainring. Old bolts don't fit. Bought new ones. The sugino steel single set in 6.7mm length. When they are all the way tightened down, only about 2/3 the screw goes into the back end. It doesn't sit flush like most do. Is this legit or sketchy? I tried using the longer screws from the old set and the screw is too long, so i cant use the tool to tighten them. The place i bought them (online) has a double set that is a 8.4mm length. Im afraid this will be too long...maybe not. Simple common sense would say well theyre 1.7mm longer the should work....but im not really convinced since the margin of error w/ these bolts is so small that the 8.4's would be too long.

    I dont want to deal w/ grinding the old pair down....what to do? Do places sell spacers so I could use the old bolts w/ the new backs, and then space them so the tool can be used?

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