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Thread: Help me decide

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    Help me decide

    Im looking to pick up my first singlespeed complete bike and have narrowed it down to the following:

    2010 Jamis Sputnik

    AllCity Nature Boy

    What do you think would be a better choice component wise? I know the nature boy is more of a cyclocross setup but I am planning on commuting year round in central PA. Any input would be appreciated.

    Also in terms of fit, should I have at least 1 inch from the top tube to crotch when standing over the bike?

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    Sputnik would be my choice for sure.

    Component wise, Sputnik has a slight better set of wheels, cranksets are the same, hard to compare the brakes because they are not of the same "genre".

    Sputnik has a very very nice frameset, it is the basically reason why I'd pick Sputnik.

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