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    Gear Ratio Recomendation Please: Towing Burley d'Lite on a 26" SS MTB

    Need a hand for any parents out there,

    Have my cruise-around bike that I want to be able to pull my kids around. Right now its setup with a 26 x 1.25 tire with a 50t*18t gear.

    I can and do have my geared MTB setup to pull the trailer, but its FS, and even with F/R lockout its far from efficient. Plus my FS MTB is about 10 pounds heavier since it also has a front kid-carrier on the handlebars.

    Anyone out there pull their kids on their SS? Is it dumb? If you do, can you share what gear you are running?


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    I have pulled my kids in trailers and traile-a-bikes almost everyday, sometimes with geared bikes and other times with FG and SS bikes. I don't find pulling with one gear to be much more difficult than pulling with many gears. My FG/SS gearing is variable depending on the bike I am riding and the time of year, and can range from ~65" to ~81", but I have pulled kids in trailers in this entire range without issue. However, if I were to set up a SS bike that was intended only for pulling a kid in a trailer, I would probably aim for around 70", perhaps in the mid 60's if there were hills.

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