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    Need help finding a bike.

    I've searched everywhere and found a few topics but most of them are old and outdated or just not helpful at all.

    I'm 5'0 and have, obviously, tiny legs. I have a 50cm bike I built from just a frame, but it's too big. I can't stand over it. At all. For a comfortable fit I need about a 27" "700mm" standover. Having 700 wheels on a bike makes this complicated.

    I've found the fuji track. The 43cm has 650c wheels and a 700mm standover. Which would be perfectnut I don't even know if it's for sale yet and I can't find any used.

    So I also found some 43cm frame bikes on bikes direct. The Windsor hour comes in 43 with 700c wheels. It's only $275 and I can buy a set of fixed 650 wheels for 90 bucks and save at least 250 bucks.

    But then I would have to put new tires on the wheels and possibly buy a new fork.

    Any suggestions on possibilities or any other 650 or 43cm bikes that aren't too expensive. I just put 400+ dollars and hours of elbow grease into a bike my lbs said would fit. And it doesn't fit at all.

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    If you can track down an IRO Heidi frame and buy a set of 650c's then you're all set.

    IRO Heidi are no longer in production though, finding one might be hard but it is the perfect frame for you. It is designed to take 650c wheels and they are made specifically for people/ladies around your size. You could also a get an older Mixte frame if you can find one that you like.

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