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    What about you mod on a stock Draft Lite 2009?

    I really like this bike. I speed through the city with this machine, and it's treating me good.
    I really wanna upgrade some mods on it. I actually wanna upgrade performance, i wanna see if I get get more speed or make it more comfortable.

    And on a side note, my front rim is slightly lopsided, but it's defiantly noticeable. Of course this would be the first thing I would replace. But what nice rim would you replace it with?

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    I would just get the front wheel trued.

    There is nothing wrong with those wheels.

    If you bought the bike new from your LBS then they should do that stuff for free for you. I would think that the rear wheel's spokes need tensioning too.

    If you want to go faster, think about the gearing you use. The beauty of FG/SS is that it's all about your ability to ride fast. Most bikes are very similar in speed. Unless you get a crazy lightweight bike with crazy expensive lightweight parts.

    Just be happy with what you have got.

    Ride more, don't think about changing parts. If you ride fixed, use your money on a set of rear cogs, a good and big lock ring tool and a chainwhip.

    When you get stronger, get clipless pedals and shoes and maybe change the bars to road drops and aero levers, or bullhorns.

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