Not sure if this should be in here or the hybrid section. Feel free to move it.

Next week I plan on buying a single speed hybrid, but which one I am yet to decide. My budget's 350.

Carrera Subway Zero

Charge Plug Freestyler 2010

Charge Plug Grinder 2010

Revolution Courier S1NGLE '10

SE Draft Lite 2010 (if I can get it in something else besides pink)

Vitus Bikes 2011 Vee-1

Stout 29er (if I can get it in something else besides pink and from the UK)

Have I missed any?

what's important to me is that it's light, low maintenance and reliable/dependable, the latter probably being the most important. What are the above bikes like with regards to my requirements? I've heard the Subway Zero will need some extra attention every so often and Plugs are relatively heavy. Is there any truth behind that?

Sometimes I commute to work on bike but never in the winter. The last mile or so is actually quite a bumpy trail. As well as my commute I'd also like to start cycling to the gym which is entirely on-road but can't rule out the possibility of cycling off-road when it takes my interest (excluding the local parks which are mostly just untarmaced tracks with the odd tree root).

For frame size I'm 5 9". Should I stick to something below 20"? An 18" maybe?