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    looking for a budget classic track style frame

    im slowly coming out of my hipster fixed gear style(deep v's color coordination etc.), and am looking to build a more classy looking commuter, i want a quill stem and such, and am considering a pake frame, and upgrade the fork to a threaded one. I want to get the unbranded pake from crosslakesales, but they don't have in my size(im a 49-51ish and they only have the 57cm) are there any other places with these style frames(pretty much anything with a 1" headtube) for around the same price($100-$200)? mostly looking to buy just the frame, or unless the frameset is cheap(like how the crosslake sales one is only $100)
    thanks in advance
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    thats me mobbin on my half mile commute to school on my republic. sorry.

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    So gnarly, 6 minutes apart and about looking for a budget frame (just a frame). Also the mention of one of the sources. Good luck on your frame hunt though!

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