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    Another gear ratio question (fixed freestyle)

    So, I run 47x17 and I have a flip flop fixed/fixed back hub. I want to utilize the other side and learn some tricks. I know, how cliche, but it looks fun.
    I absolutely DO NOT plan on commuting in this. This is STRICTLY for messing around.
    Is 24 too high? What should I go with? I'm new to the idea of utilizing my bike for more than just riding.
    A little guidance?

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    47/24 sounds better for tricks and stuff (although I don't actually do them.) You will probably need a longer chain unless you have very long dropouts.

    Consider getting a smaller chainring instead for more clearance. 40/17 or however small you can go on the front. Plus this way you can just shorten the chain. The downside is that a chainring will almost always cost more than a cog unless you find one used.
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