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    Crankset Question.

    I recently replaced the 167mm FSA Vero (48T) and RPM 107mm bottom bracket for a 165mm Eighth Inch Crankset and a Shimano UN-54 107 bottom bracket on my SST AL (17t freewheel).

    I noticed that there's more resistance with my new crankset. I was expecting it to be a little easier to pedal since i'm going from a 48t to a 46t but it's harder to pedal for some reason. I would have no trouble going up hills with my FSA crankset but i'm having some difficulty doing it on my new crankset. Everything was installed properly.

    What could the issue be? Should i move to a 18t freewheel?


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    RPM and Shimano 107mm BBs are basically the exact same thing and the 2mm difference in cranks arm length won't make any real difference.

    Is your chain too tight?

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