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    Recommend me a front bicycle rack!

    Recommend me a front rack! I just rebuilt my paddywagon as steel is real and riding aluminum all day around the less than acceptable roads here is torture. Nevertheless I had to wear my backpack on a run to the library today just to return one small hardbound journal book that was recalled from me. This is when I noticed I was blessed with fender mounts on paddywagon.

    The fork is long reach if that would affect the selection I can choose from and probably in a decent size to hold maybe 2 6 pack bottles or 1 petite wife. Something on the shallow side.

    EDIT: It would also help if it would be economical/ on the cheaper side; as I'll be locking this outside lecture halls and does run the risk of being stolen. But nonetheless include nicer models.
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    minour makes one called gamoh or something
    velo orange
    pass and stow
    all make excellent racks take your pick

    for economy get a big wald basket they work just fine
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