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    bullhorn / brake lever CLAMP question


    quick question...(i think)

    i have some random no name bulllhorns....25.4 size. need a brake lever for front brake. ive measured the bar diameter (not at stem clamp, rest of bar after it tapers) with digital calipers...23.2.

    most brake levers online for sale dont really mention the clamp diameter. is there a certain type of brake lever i should be using? make? model? anything will work?

    o yah and i want a cross type lever, not barend. thanks!
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    Get a Tektro RL720 (black) or RL726 (silver) cross lever with a 24mm clamp. You may need to shim it a little but that's the way to go.

    Oh...and I've found the best thing to use for shimming a brake lever is a few small strips of aluminum tape (the stuff used for sealing duct work) because you can cut it easily with scissors and it doesn't slip.
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