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    Multi Speed hub question, along with Single Speed components.

    I am new, and I see a lot of "What should I get" threads. I didnt want to start one of those, but I did want to ask a question about multispeed hubs. I am looking to get a single speed, but am wondering if it would be better to get a multispeed hub instead.

    I am new to riding, mainly have been a mnt biker for a little while now, and want to go on the road. Living in south FLorida means most if not all the roads I will ride on will be completely flat. I love the looks/idea/price of most single speed bikes. My question is how much of a difference do these hubs make? Are the gears on these hubs very noticable (IE. difference between 1st and 5th)? Are there bikes that come equiped with these multispeed hubs?

    Also, what are some good components to look for on single speed bikes? Chains, forks, frames, wheels etc? I want one with a freewheel to coast with. I see on those other threads some people suggest the Kilo II, but I also sense a lot of sarcasm in those thread recommendations, so its hard for someone new like me to know whats truthful. Sorry for the long post but Id like to get a little more info before I decide to buy.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagrom_ View Post
    I actually just run calipers. Levers are for scrubs.

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