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Thread: Why Kilo TT?

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    my two cents

    Quote Originally Posted by StylingOnLife View Post
    Been browsing this forum for a while and I've been a fixed rider for 1.5 years now riding an IRO and always see people talking about the Kilo TT as a great starter bike. My question is...why?

    I don't doubt that it's a great starter with all of what everyone says, but I'd just like some detail as to why it's so praised on this forum.
    From the start it has not been good. 1st they never have them in stock so I bought a color that was not wanted black magic. Honestly with less then 30 miles it is a POS. Brakes don't work, every bolt striped, handle bars SUX, hubs SUX, pedal SUX, crank stripped all less then 30 miles. I don't find the bike is a good value I'm stuck now in over $500 and now need cranks. However besides the color I really like the frame. I don't normally right reviews but feel ripped by bikes direct. By the time it is functional you could have bought a nice bike or nicer used bike without the extra hassle. I will not buy another bike from bikes direct. If you want a kilo take my advice and buy the frame from amazon which is the only thing on the bike that is worth it at around $200 because you will have to replace every other crappy part on the bike. Sorry for the negativity but I should have bought the Fuji. It is a nickel and dime money trap going with the kilo. But the frame is nice if they have one in stock.

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    It sounds much more like you haven't the slightest clue what you're doing when it comes to bike assembly and simple maintenance.

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    It's not just the bike that SUX...

    Zombie threads do too.

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