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    Headset Schmedset

    Been riding the **** out of my bike now that I finally got the frame back from the powder-coaters, it's been lovely weather. Pictures to come soon! 24 miles a day, 12 each way for the last week, it's been a while since I've gotten that much riding in, loving every second of it


    The lockring and cup have been coming loose on my headset about every ten miles or so. I don't mind reaching down and tightening it for a temporary fix, but it's not ideal. If memory serves me, I think this started happening after a couple of my friends came back to my house after a ride and said "so we've determined that your bike is not possible to bunnyhop with." They are good friends, so I didn't think too much of it, but needless to say they won't be riding my bike without supervision anymore.

    Anyway... I was hoping for some advice as to a fix for this problem. I was contemplating some "Locktite" on the threads of the cup, to see if that would help - as I have adjusted it the correct way numerous times now.
    Second solution would to be to purchase a new headset, which I also would mind, as my birfday is on the 8th and I should be getting bicycle giftcards

    The only other thing I could possibly (but grit my teeth doing) imagine is that the punishment the neck of the bike received during this fiasco led to a bent frame. In which case...

    Help? Advice? Ideas?
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    Is this a threaded headset ? Are you talking about the locknut and top adjustable threaded cup ? Are you sure the locknut is not bottoming on the threaded steerer ? More details and photos might help diagnose the problem.
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    My vote is for improper adjustment. Make sure the locknut is tightened against the upper cup. This means you need 2 wrenches on it, not one. See Park Tool's how-to.
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