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    Convert Panasonic DX-3000 to SS

    I have a mid '80s Panasonic DX-3000 road bike. I'm contemplating converting it to a SS, but only if it could easily be converted back. I'm in the process of building a SS, but that will take me a few months. In the mean time is rather use the Panasonic as a SS than a geared bike. I'm not sure if mine is an '86 or not, but the components seems to be the same as those listed below.

    Basically I'm wondering how hard it would be to convert, and what components I'd need to buy to accomplish the conversion.

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    yes, it can be converted and you probably wont even need to remove the crank. If you want to keep it cheap and simple you can just get a new chain and keep the ride with one gear on your freewheel or get a new chain and ss freewheel.

    Are you comfortable working on your bike? If so, this will be easy.
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