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    long time since i road a fix

    the last time i rode was 30 yrs. ago, and that was a puegout conversion,i just wanted to get back in it,so i bought a frame and some components and just finished it up, a rush soma. whats the odds of me bustin my ass the first time out? i wouldv'e posted some pics but the bike looks just like everbody elses,so

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    I first rode a fixed gear bike about 2 *weeks* ago... I hadn't yet installed a brake, tightened down the cog, or put on a lockring. I took it out on my snowy street and managed to halfway unscrew the cog the first time I resisted the pedals. And yet I survived But I wouldn't try it again like that, no way.
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    Sheldon Brown, I miss you. Thanks for the advice, ideas, humor, and infectious enthusiasm for everything bikes...

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    nah,i got everything buttoned down good,i'm a old mo fo now, it hurts when i take a dive.

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