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    Another sizing question! (I know, I know)

    Hey everyone, I've been reading these forums for a while but decided to actually join now that I'm in the market to put together a new bike. Currently I ride a ross signature that's 61cm from bottom bracket to top tube and it's a bit big. I'm looking to pick up a track frame (The colossi Low Pro) and start my build with that. The largest size they offer is 57cm and the geometry is :

    Low Pro.jpg

    My measurements are (roughly):

    My measurements:
    Height 6'1" / 184cm
    inseam 34" / 87cm
    Torso Length 26.5" / 67cm
    arm length 28" /71cm

    I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to actually buying a bike that fits / track geometry etc, but would I be able to ride the 57cm Colossi?
    Thanks for any help, I know that these questions are asked a lot but I didn't get any help from the LBS' I visited.

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    use this:
    and then go by the top tube length.

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