If you want an NJS frame go to Japan where they probably toss them out or sell them super cheap.

Honestly like some probably said before me NJS is just a standard because Keirin is a betting sport in Japan. You can have crappy or good NJS stuff plus with NJS stuff you are usually paying more just for that little stamp that gives you nothing other than sweet fixie points which get you ****all! Track racing is different than riding on the street and unless you plan on hitting the velodrome in Japan, you don't need NJS.

Also just a quick pro-tip: DON'T WEAR A SHIRT THAT SAYS FIXIE ON IT! I saw someone wearing it and I had to contain myself, though he might have just been going to the Sckrillix party or ironically as hipster are want to do.

Fuji makes a decent bike. I sell a good deal of those Feathers to folks looking for something nice but simple but with good looks. Plus they do make a touring bike. I think the Track Classic ain't bad especially with upgrades and I think you did yourself just fine and dandy.

Welcome to the forum, BTW!