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    Quick question about bike CO OPS

    Hey so I'm starting to volunteer at my local co op here in Philly. I start next week, they said I have orientation then I'm going to shadow a volunteer for the day. What kind of work will I be doing? I don't know where to ask so I figured i'd ask guys here because i'm sure some of you have done it before. I'm just curious as to what i'll be doing, it's an adult co op program.

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    They might have you to do variety of odd jobs. You could be asked to organize or classify parts. Place certain parts in a specific bin. Clean the bathroom. Label bicycle frame sizes. Sweep the floor. Take out the trash. Receive donated components, frames, or bicycles. Disassemble bicycles. Shadow a bicycle mechanic. Make a McDonald's run. Make a coffee run. Clean bicycle frames or components...etc...

    If you have any bicycle mechanic skills, you might be asked to assist members with their repairs or upgrades.

    You won't be placed near the cash register!

    Good Luck!
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