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    New Member with Single-Speed Conversion Questions

    Hi Everyone - I'm a new member and am looking for some guidance on a few of questions I have with my single-speed conversion. While not new to cycling this is my first real experience 'wrenching' on a bicycle and I'm confused about a couple of things.

    First off, I'm working on my 1987ish Schwinn SuperSport, which I've successfully stripped of all it's extraneous components. Since it originally included biopace chainrings, I've opted for a full crankset replacement as I'm also in the process of swapping-out all the original silver components to black. I've sourced brakes, wheels, handlebars, brake levers and the crankset, but I'd also like to change out the stem and seat tube. Here's what I need help with:

    1. What diameter seat tube do I need?
    2. What diameter Stem do I need?
    3. Most modern headsets appear to be designed so that the steering tube protrudes through the top, which is what the stem clamps on to. I'm interested in converting my current chrome headset over to black, but since my steering tube doesn't protrude I'm unsure what parts I need to do it. Can someone point me to what I need?
    4. My top tube has integrated guides for rear brake cable. Is this 'standard' size? Or put another way - will standard brake cables feed into these guides or do I need to source a specifically sized cable?
    5. Dumb question - but the rear wheel I purchased didn't include the nuts I need to secure to my frame. Are these standard 'Home Depot' parts, or should I source them from a bike shop?
    6. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should ask for all the original Shimano 600 components (less the brake handles which are Shimano 105s)?

    I'm pretty pleased the 'old girl' is going to see some road-use again and can't wait to get this project finished. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!!

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