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    Deciding on a new bike

    I think I am going to go the bikes route, and I'm thinking about a few different options. My previous bike was a Motobecane Track, 49cm. I'm not too picky, as I've only owned one fixie before, but I know I want it to be white. (My bike was recently stolen, so I still feel attached to the general look of it)

    I would rather not spend more than $350 at the most, and thats the higher end of my budget.

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    I would have to buy a fixed gear cog (a quick google search told me this would run maybe $20-30, would buying a cheap one be a bad idea?)

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    I want drop handlebars, so I'd spend $20 or so on those, so overall this would be the slightly cheaper option.

    How different would either of these bikes be from the Motobecane Track that I'm used to? (Save Up to 60% Off Motobecane Singlespeed Bikes - 2012 Track Bicycles by Motobecane USA up to 60% Off)

    I've heard plenty of good things about the Kilo TT, but that is a little high for my budget at the moment. Basically, I don't really need anything better than what I already had.

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    Neither of the options you're looking at will be much different at all.

    For the cost of an eighth of weed over your budget you could get the Kilo, which in my opinion is easily worth it. It is a truly nice frame by every measure, and besides the awful seat, you'll be riding the thing right out of the box with little/no upgrades necessary.

    #nobrainer /thread.

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