Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of my first fixed gear conversion. Got a 77 fuji sports 10, and a cheap joytech hub. I've figured most of it out and im planning on posting a build thread when its done.

I had an idea for bars tonight, as I'd like to try bullhorns for the first time, but was hesitant because of the brake lever mounting. The fuji was low range, with safety levers and dia compe centerpulls, which I actually really like. If possible I wanted to keep the levers and the brakes themselves and also take a pipecutter to the drops and make bullhorns.

My idea is to put the lever on the underside of the bar, like a backwards TT lever, But before I irrevocably change the bars I hoped to get y'all's thoughts.

brake possibility.jpg

It has plenty of range of motion, but I have concerns:

1. are the bends in the cable housing too sharp? The hanging cable stop thing make it so I dont have to worry about the housing being stretched when turning the bars far to either side, but it has to make 2 sharpish turns.

2. Im a little worried that in order to give my hands enough space to fi infront of the lever the bullhorns will end up pointing up a little more than I'd like, is this just a dorky idea/look?

anyway, If anyone has done this before I'd love to hear your feedback before I chop the bars. Still have to build each wheel, so I'll be saving this for last while I think about it.