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    Newb setting up a bike

    I'm 47. Last bike was a gigantic 3 speed cruiser.
    Short daily neighborhood utility riding mostly...Grocery/bank etc.
    Lots of hills. Nice workout.

    Just picked up a used SE Lager with a PlanetBike rear rack on it.
    Flipped wheel to Fixed, removed rear brake, raised saddle and handlebars so they could be USED (last owner had interesting ideas for his setup

    I put some Cinelli cork tape on the bars and one Wald folding basket.
    Just riding a couple of miles a day and adjusting everything still.
    Only been riding it a couple of days but I'm hooked.
    Already planning my 'real bike'.

    It has pretty fresh ThickSlick tires and Jagwire Brakepads on the front (look like "Basics Road" pads) and I think they are ProMax brakes.
    Stock pedals, chain, saddle, cranks and Bullhorns.

    The chain has some rust on it. Going to clean it off and inspect.
    Anything I should immediately look at upgrading/replacing?
    I don't know much of anything about bike component quality.

    One more question...should I get clipped pedals?
    My guess is that it would help for climbing but I've never used them.

    I'm doing lots of reading but don't always know what to search for.


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    you might like a comfy saddle and I (at least personally) wouldn't spring for clipless pedals and shoes if you're only using it for short rides and grocer runs. also ditch the chain and get a new one if its already rusted.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nagrom_ View Post
    Hey buddy, just 'cause you aren't man enough to push big boy gears doesn't mean its jackass.

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