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    Best cycling fuel in Mexico

    Some people are going to laugh at this question about a country which is dripping with food in the rivers, fields, forests etc. But it is difficult for me to cook for myself, so I am trying to find the best hot food available for a cyclist mainly interested in quantity and nutritional quality, not in taste.

    I am mainly going with tortillas de harina, queso fresco, bananas, fruit etc during the day. But I usually find buying a meal at a restaurant or street stand a bit disappointing. The meat portion is sometimes good, but for carbs they just give you a tiny bit of rice, and the tortillas again, which you can get anywhere. These meals are not usually cheap for the size, and I don´t like restaurants anyway, especially alone. But I have a craving for a good, hot, high-fat, high-protein, high-carbohydrate, filling evening meal. When I try to get this stomachful I feel I am just wasting time and money. What kind of place and dish do you suggest? Bearing in mind I am doing 150km plus days with full camping equipment, not sitting around in the shade all day. Or do I just need to devote an hour a day to cooking myself somewhere?

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    dude you should try a meal known as a tortas
    there are many types of tortas
    some are veggies, some are meaty and some are balanced.

    greetings from mexico.

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