Hi all,

I am about to enter Bolivia and would like some information on the 'Death Road'. The basis of my trip is to look at birds (the two legged, feathered kind). My current itinerary takes me from Villazon to Sant Cruz before descending into the Beni Lowlands. At the conclusion of my Amazonian section, I have little choice but to traverse up the 'Death Road'. There is copious amounts of information about going down that road on a MTB, but I want to go up it on a touring bike. Does anyone have any information on the practicalities of this. Presumably there is nowhere to stop half way up, so it would be a case of cycling it from the bottom to La Paz in one go or not at all. Catching a bus or other form of trasport up it is out of the question, I am not putting my life or gear in the hands of some driver depending on 'higher powers' to get them there safely.