Hello everyone,

We are a UK TV production company making a series of short films about restoring treasured possessions back to their original beauty and functionality. We would like to restore a bike for one of the films and are looking for an Argentinian cyclist (female, 18-35) who would like an old bike restored. We are looking for amazing stories and a strong motivation - where restoring the bike would enable the cyclist to achieve something they really want to do: i.e: travelling, going on a bike tour, participating in a rally, a race or bike polo - anything where there would be a really good reason to restore the bike. The chosen participant will have their bike restored to its former glory by a highly skilled specialist (we will film the restoration) and will also be paid a fee for appearing in the film. We will be filming in Argentina in April, so anyone interested in this should contact me urgently on:
Skype: michellefraser10
This is an opportunity for someone to have a much-loved old bicycle fixed, restored and improved.