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Thread: In Honor of...

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    In Honor of...

    This is also posted in the Southeast forum, but is suited here also.

    Lasy year I rode from Crystal River to New Smyrna Beach in honor of my sister and mother-in-law. The ride let me deal with my grief and brought clarity to the loss.

    The moment the ride was over, my ride partners said they wanted to do it again in 2011...well it's time to get it together!

    Ride details:

    13 November
    Crystal River to New Smyrna Beach
    128 miles

    We start at the Crystal Beach boat ramp at 0630 and finish when we finish. Each rider is responsible for their own SAG, food, water, etc.

    Read my story from last year....

    Last January, I lost my sister to MS. 6 weeks later I lost my mother-in-law to cancer. I have been battling depression and the other issues survivors deal with. I started riding my bike to divert my energy into something positive for myself. A friend noted that I should share my story with people that they might know they are not alone when suffering from a loss.

    Best regards to all


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    We started our morning at 6:50, leaving the boat ramp at Crystal River and heading into a beautiful sunrise. Left to right: Kory, Mikey P, me, and Kirt. Mikey P and Kory are riding FIXIES! Kirt's wife Susan, my wife Laura, my son Nate, and Mike (a friend) ran SAG for us providing all the necessities we needed.
    Attachment 178360

    On the first leg of the trip, Mikey P's bike broke down. He racked it and rode the rest of the way with my son Nate. Note for next year...make sure everyone has DETAILED maps of the route...the SAG's got lost!

    Thankfully, the ride was uneventful. The truly impressive part of the whole trip was Kory riding his fixie. Not only did he keep up, he PULLED his fair share! As we approached the 100 mile mark in Deland, he sprinted up a hill leaving Kirt and I behind in his dust. He earned the right to cross the 100 Mile mark first, and he earned our respect.
    Attachment 178357Attachment 178361

    Leaving Deland, we headed toward the last third of our journey.

    As we crossed the 116 mile mark, the temperature cooled from the sea breeze, and we knew we were close. A headwind all the way to the end and one last hill to go. I looked at the bridge and thought, "Easy Money!" As we crested the hill, I noticed the railroad tracks under us and got that sinking feeling...the Intercoastal bridge showed itself and we all felt a little sick. Damn that thing was high and steep. Kory noted that this would finish his legs. I looked at Kirt and asked "Who came up with this idea?" Onward we went, each at our own pace. Kirt topped out first, then me, then Kory. WE MADE IT! Down the hill a quick left and we ended up at Flagler and Columbus and The Ocean!

    Attachment 178356Attachment 178362Attachment 178358Attachment 178359

    Each of us celebrated our achievements and the first statement was, "I can't wait untill we do this again next year!"
    My thanks to everyone who made this ride possible: My lovely wife for the sacrifices she made helping me get ready. My family, friends, co-workers, my riding partner Pete, and Forum-mates who prayed for our safety and success.

    My thoughts after completing this ride? Life goes on though our loved ones have passed on. Everyone dies. Don't be sad they are gone, celebrate how they lived and be happy to have shared in their lives, if only for a moment. Pray. Ask for help. Believe in Guardian Angles. Share yourselves with others and enjoy their friendship.

    Best regards to all,

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