I am registered for the 2012 Wheel O'Fire Century Ride in Hamilton Georgia that will be held on Saturday April 14th, 2012. http://harriscountychamber.org/CycleTour/

IMHO these events are greatly improved by cycling camaraderie rather than trying to race to the end. To that extent I would love to form an Audax group for this ride which is a Cycling Club for a single ride comprised of riders of nearly equal skills who will ride together, stay together, and finish the ride together. See the definition of Audax from the RUSA.org website below.

audax (oh docks) - A style of group bicycle touring found mostly in France, but also in Holland and Belgium to lesser degrees. A steady pace is set by a road captain, who is in charge of a group of fellow club members. .... ("All for one, one for all" is their motto.) A service car is allowed to follow each group, unlike the ethos of self-sufficiency stressed in the allure libre style of "randonneuring".

I was slightly taken aback by the apparent race mentality that prevailed in the Tour de Pike and I am noticing most of the Century rides are closing rest stops early enough to force the Century riders to almost race to be back before the rest stops close.

Please PM or e-mail me if you will be/are registering/registered for this ride and are looking to complete the ride with an Audax group with a 16-18mph average speed.