This was my first time participating in this event. I had never actually heard of it before a friend from my high school invited me to it on FB a few months back. I was BLOWN AWAY by the size of the event! Nearly 2,000 bikes, police working all major intersections, lots of volunteers helping us stay on course, and free BBQ and beer after the event! This was a charity benefit for Meritan, an organization working to help the elderly and disabled

We were off at midnight, and I finished about 1:20 AM with a distance of 16 miles according to my computer, which included a short stop for a banana and cereal bar at around Mile 9. Up to that point I averaged over 13 MPH which was by far the fastest I had ever averaged on my road-going MTB. I was getting tired towards the end and it was a bit more hilly, so I ended up averaging just a hair under 13 MPH which was still a PR (best average prior to this was 12 mph on a shorter ride).

Can't wait to do it again next year!