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    Cyclist killed in Peachtree City

    For those interested. Terribly sad.


    edit: link doesn't always work. Text of article follows:

    A Peachtree City man whose bike crashed into a golf cart Friday afternoon has died, police said.

    James V. Earle, 64, had suffered a critical head injury during the crash and was flown to Atlanta Medical Center. He was wearing a bike helmet at the time, but it cracked during the collision, police said.

    Earle was leaving the golf cart bridge spanning Ga. Highway 74 in the Aberdeen Village area when his bike collided with a golf cart driven by Karen Yorkshaitis, 65, of Peachtree City, police said. Earle was riding downhill at the time, making it possible that neither Earle nor Yorkshaitis saw each other coming, police indicated.

    The police department’s Collision Reconstruction Team will conduct a comprehensive reconstruction of the crash, police said.

    This is believed to be only the second-ever golf cart path related fatality in the city’s history. Last September Debra Oberholt, 36, of Tyrone died after she fell off a golf cart while it was turning.

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    If you click on 'news' from the page in your link, you can see the article, along with comments from readers. It seems like that was a bad intersection and everyone said it was an accident waiting to happen. Why does it take an actual accident before people take the initiative to change an obvious problem?

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