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    Visiting Mississippi in early March

    Hey guys. I'm from the Midwest and I might be coming to visit the Vicksburg area for spring break to visit my girlfriend's brother. I was down there this summer for his wedding and it looked like a great place to ride.

    A few questions:

    1. Anybody know a good century route close to Vicksburg?
    2. Anybody have a good route across the state?
    3. How busy is the Natchez Trace Parkway? Could I ride a long way on there without going insane?
    4. What about the Mississippi River Trail? Is it marked well?
    5. Is there a good local club that holds regular rides?

    Thanks for the info. .............................

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    My thought is that the Natchez Trace is a lot like the Blue Ridge Pkwy here in NC. two-lane, 45mph, no shoulders. If the traffic situation is similar, it will be busier on weekends and near cities (mainly at rush hour). Here's a link to a page created by a guy guy who cycled it, with photos showing the general lay of the road. Also the link to the NPS site for the Natchez Trace is at the bottom of that page...
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