There is going to be the (1st annual?) "Tour de Cuisine" on April 17th on a stretch of the Mt. Vernon trail. I know it's a strange time - a Tuesday morning - but that's when chefs and waiters and all us other restaurant people tend to be free.

It costs $50 and proceeds go to "Share our Strength". You get breakfast from Panera and then lunch, mostly donated by the meat company and restaurants that are the main sponsors, I think.

Restaurant people are of course the initial focus, but anybody is invited. The ride is pretty straightforward - you set out from a restaurant on the Potomac and roll to Mt. Vernon and back - 25 miles total. If there's a good turnout maybe they can come up with some fancier course options in the coming years. But hey - breakfast and lunch and a bike ride! And a flat easy course is probably best if you are going to load up on the Panera breakfast.

Here's the website for all the info. I'm not the organizer, but I told him months ago that I was in if he actually set it up. So check it out if you're interested, and tell your friends, especially if they're in the restaurant business.