I'm looking for rides to get some serious hill training in, but I'm still fairly new to long distance riding. I ride 43 miles RT 1X a week for my commute (1700 total feet of climbing, nothing very steep or long), and 1X a week 1 get out for a longer ride. 1-2X a week I do an hour of intervals on the trainer.

I've heard of the Front Royal-Skyland loop, and may be able to get to that, but I really don't want to ride it solo.....I also don't envy getting dropped or dragging down the rest of the group. I'm a B rider based on my average times for 30-60 miles, but that's been no more than 2000 total feet of climbing.

There's a Potomac Pedalers ride on SkyMass listed as a B/BB ride. I've looked at the elevation profile, and it's exactly what I should be doing, but I don't know if I'd be OK with that group, or if I need to work up to that sort of climbing with a lot more training before attempting it.