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    Bike Trip from NC to CT? I need help or i will die trying this trip!

    Seriously I want to do it. Greensboro North Carolina to Hartford Connecticut. Has anybody done a trip simmilar to this. I want to find a relatively backroad way to complete this. Does anybody know of a site where i can get good directions? Or just have any advice that will help me survive this adventure! Any help will be awsome.

    I know I can do it. Two weeks ago I did a trip from Greensboro to Mytrle Beach South Carolina. It was 210 miles in 3 days. This 650 mile adventure from Greensboro NC to Hartford CT will be a bit longer I assume, like 10 days worth of riding, but i'm up for it. Please help me make this happen!

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    There is a group called "Adventure Cycling" that has created long touring routes to follow. Their "Atlantic Coast" route will get you from NC to CT. Their site says they have also created national bicycle maps, so maybe they have something to get you from Greensboro to this route, and from the route to Hartford.

    Other than that, a lot of planning, maybe PM'ing folks on bikeforums for advice (especially those on the Long Distance board. I know quite a bit about the area between Greensboro and Richmond. PM me if you'd like guidance on that area...

    And good luck!
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