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    Tha Breeze

    Is Anybody Selling Their Road Bike - ATL Area

    I was just curious if anybody had a road bike they were trying to sell. I want one but not sure if I can buy one yet, depends on cost. -Thanks

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    Breeze -
    Your question/statement is awfully vague. Something like:
    I'm looking for a (new/used) road bike, size ~55cm or med compact geometry for <$500,
    would be far more informative.

    If you don't know what size frame your looking for, that would be the place to start. I suggest you start with your local bike shops (LBS), see if they have something that fits your price target. If you don't work on bikes, it's worth paying a little extra to develop a working relationship with your local shop.

    The lowest price is not always the lowest cost, even in the short run.

    In the Atlanta area you might start with:
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    Hey Breeze. Stop by the shop I work at - Intown Bicycles (1035 Monroe Dr, one block north of 10th St, near Piedmont Park) and look over our selection. Test rides are encouraged so you can ride and get the feel of the bike before you buy it. Great prices too.
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    Tha Breeze
    Thanks guys, but I'm fairly new to the sport, and while I was very quickly getting more involved it all slowed down when I started working out with my brother last week; I'm training to gain weight/muscle. I only ride on Saturdays now therefore my mtn bike isn't too much of a bother since I'm not doing it that often(everyday about) anymore. Thanks though. I'll keep yall's info. in mind.

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