Hey everyone!

Just wanted to point your attention toward something myself and several other Atlanta cyclists have been trying to set up: ATL BIKE POLO!

Yes, I know, it is sad that it has taken a city as large as Atlanta this long to start a Bike Polo initiative, but after several false starts, we have finally gotten the ball rolling.

Please visit our homepage:


We also have a Google Group. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I am the website administrator pro tempore and I go every week to play polo with the rest of the guys (and girls!!!). All the info is on the site, but I will give you a little info here for your convenience. We meet every SATURDAY at 2pm at the Peters Parking Deck on Georgia Tech Campus. It is great because the walls prevent the ball from going too far. We can provide mallets, so don't be shy - although please FEEL FREE to bring beer to share!