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    Fayetteville, AR

    Anyone have some fun, medium skill level rides around Fayetteville/Springdale? I am new to the area and would like some input.

    Is there anyone else from Fville on this forum??
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    Not me, I'm in Raleigh, N.C. But a few years ago I bought a '73 paramount track bike from a gentleman from Fayetteville, Ark. He mistakenly posted it on the Fayetteville, N.C. craigslist. Just thought I'd share.
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    What sort of riding do you do?
    I don't know much about MTB anymore since I've been solidly on the road/fixed world for the last few years. There are a few organized road rides in Fayetteville. There seem to be a bunch of serious looking guys coming from further north, but I don't know them. The guys at Lewis and Clark may know.
    So, yeah. What kind of riding are you looking for?

    Just noticed your listed bikes. There is a very serious MTB community around. There are some places in town to ride. Lake Fayetteville is fun if you like starting at your house, riding the city trail, going around the lake a time or two and then riding back home. There are a ton of idiots and noobs out there, so be careful. The place is great when the weather sucks.
    Devil's Den has some amazing trails, some good enough for competitions.
    Lake Wedington can be nice, but I hear it is wrecked from the ice storm a last month. A lot of the trails could be rough for a while because of that. Devil's Den may be the first to get in good shape. Enough poeple love that place that it should get some attention.
    There are also some less obvious places in town and near town. I'd check with the guys at Highroller and Fayetteville Bike Co. Both are great shops with guys who have been riding in the area for a lot of years.
    Other less obvious cycling stuff in town includes the Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks (Advocacy) and Bike City (recyclery).
    Feel free to send a personal message if you have any questions.
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