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Tampa/ ST. Pete Riders/Rides


I am getting back into cycling, this is going to be my new full time hobby when I don't have to be working... looking for a few good/ok riders to beat this damn wind with. Lately it has been so windy I have been thinking it would be nice to have a few more bodies to switch off in beating this horrible wind.

The rides will be early saturdays and sundays. I do prefer Suncoast trail just because it is the only place around here you can ride for a long time without having to break pace. However if you know other good trails/routes [I am fairly new to area] let me know. Also if you already have a group...let me know if your allowing others to ride with you.

Currently I am doing 20-30 miles on saturdays and 40-50 on sundays, and I just use my trainer/rollers at home during the week to condition/train.

So let me know! thanks! :
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Oh and my average speed right now is about 17-18
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Originally Posted by dgw203 View Post
The rides will be early saturdays and sundays. I do prefer Suncoast trail ....
If you hit the Suncoast trail around daylight and just ride at one or two miles an hour below your normal pace, MANY groups of three to five will pass you. Pick one that looks like your speed and jump on the last wheel with an "On your wheel" announcement. Give it a minute and if you haven't heard anyone tell you to get off, move up alongside, introduce yourself, and ask if it's OK to continue riding with them.

But the Suncoast Trail gets deathly hot in the summer ... precious little shade, you see! So before long there won't be that many groups out there! Best to get with the clubs and learn some other routes for the summer!

And that's the real deal for finding riding partners, too! Tie up with one of the active clubs. If you're on the Tampa side, you have the Tampa Bay Freewheelers, , and on the St. Pete/Clearwater side you have the St. Pete Bike Club in south county, , and the Suncoast club in north county, ! They all have a bunch of rides with A, B, and C categories, and most all but the A groups have a "no drop" policy.
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